Latest Trends in Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

To keep up with the trends of Affiliate Marketing you need to pay rapt attention to the changing current of the affiliate marketing world. So, if you are still following tips of affiliate marketing from 2013 then you are doing it wrong because you can find yourself suddenly lost at sea.

We are going to cover the most available affiliate marketing trends so you can stay ahead of the curve and boost your sales.

  • Influencer Marketing: The current hot trend is influencer marketing. The idea is, an Influencer is someone who has an audience who listens to them. By using sites like YouTube and Instagram, you can team up with marketers to promote your products and services through collaboration or promotion.
  • Mobile Campaign: In the year 2018, mobile made up 61.2% of all online views. This is really trending in developing markets where mobile devices are more likely to be users only internet browsing tool.
  • Push Traffic: To take advantage of the increased presence of mobile devices, push traffic is the way to go. This trend started late in 2018 and is predicted to gain more momentum this year. Push traffic is delivered through instant and interactive messages. The messages are usually delivered to desktop devices as well, but they are more common with smartphones and tablets.
  • Video Marketing: Since the Internet began, the use of video for affiliate marketing has been a rising trend due to the increase in internet speed and user bandwidth provision. Video ad format includes things like pre-roll, banner, in-video ads, etc. These can be directed to an affiliate offer or lander.
  • Chatbots: As technology advances, chatbots are getting more common and easier for companies to implement. Chatbots provide a way to deliver traffic as well as interacting with users on landing pages so as to help them address their concern. For affiliate marketing, these interactions can help identify what common concerns keep showing up and ways in which you can optimize your sales page further.

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